For Alumni & Friends

For Alumni & Friends

Building on a Legacy of Excellence” 
The Campaign for Our Lady of Lourdes High School

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Click below to create your Pledge Installment Plan or make your one time gift to “Building on a Legacy of Excellence - The Campaign for Our Lady of Lourdes High School”.

To date we have raised over $2 million!

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This donor listing represents gifts received on or
before May 31, 2013. We apologize for any errors or
omissions. Please bring corrections to our attention by
contacting: Christine Kolosky, Development Director,
at 845-463-0400 ext 1005 or

JV 1965 Hoopsters
Lynne Adams ‘73 and Timothy J. Adams ‘73
Mary Lou Alnwick ‘63
Marie Ambrosio ‘63
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Antalek ‘67
Mary Joan Apjohn ‘75 and Nelson G. Apjohn ‘74
Mr. and Mrs. Genaro Argenio
Reverend Giocchinio Arlotta
Ann and Ray Armater
Athletic Hall of Fame Event 2011
Athletic Hall of Fame Event 2012
Mrs. Patricia M. Austin ‘71
Jean Babits ‘88
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Baker
Mrs. Joanne C. Balch ‘69
The Baldovin and VonEgypt Families
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Barbera
Mrs. Veronica Barnett-Allgaier
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Barresi
Dr. Frank J. Barry MD ‘69
Debbie Barrick
Reverend Msgr. Francis P. Bellew
Ben Ciccone Inc.
Ms. Susan Benfield ‘76
The Betty Binger Carlinger Trust
Mrs.Louise A. Beville ‘62
Lee and Jean Bianchetto ‘70
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Bida ‘64
Mr. Joseph S. Bilello
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Biskup
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Blanchfield
Jill and John W. Blejwas
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bortz
The Boston Family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bott
Mr. and Mrs. John Bowman
The Brady Family
Mr. Peter Brezinski ‘75
Mr. Robert Brezinski ‘80
Reverend Msgr. John J. Brinn
Annemarie P. Briskey ‘86
Barbara J. Briskey ‘80
Catherine Briskey ‘82 and Kenneth Briskey ‘81
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Brown Jr.
Timothy J. Brown ‘64
Miss Patricia Brozon
Maryann, Carmine and Laurence Bruno ‘78
Mary Ellen Bruno ‘81 and CJ Bruno ‘80
Laurence P. Bruno ‘78
Reverend Robert J. Bubel ‘95
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bulson
Mr. Micah N. Bump ‘97
George and Carol Burke
Mary ‘71 and William T. Burke
Keri-Ann Byrne ‘88 and James J. Byrne ‘88
Ms.Celina Burgarelli
Anthony Cali ‘09
Cali Family
Rich Cali ‘09
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Calio
Gina ‘10, Jennifer ‘13 and Amanda Camilleri ‘14
Lori Campbell ‘10
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Campilii
Mr. and Mrs. Christian D. Campilii ‘84
The Campilii, DeSantis and Willis Families
Susan E. Capanno ‘75
Doreen and Teddy Capers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carrillo
Rosemary Leyden Caruso ‘72
Andrea and James Casey
The Cathie Family
Veronica Ann Cavalla ‘65
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cerbini
The Charlebois Family
Mrs. Sheila A. Boland Chira ‘87
Rich Chiriatti ‘63
Eileen Hughes Ciaccio ‘63 and Leonard Ciaccio, PhD. ‘62
Paula and Bennett Ciccone Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore Cigna
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clarke
Class of 1963 50th Reunion Fund
Class of 1976
Class of 1980
Class of 1986
Miriam R. Cohe ‘71 and Shaw H. Cohe
Arlene Cole
Jennifer Pearson Cole ‘95
Ilene M. Cooke ‘76 and David Newton
    Keaton Cooke Mangi ‘11 and Siena Cooke Mangi ‘13
Mr. Michael Contini ‘66
Joanne Coratti ‘73
Mr. Michael Corcoran ‘73
Cornelia Street Associates LLC
Joelle and Marc Coq
Mr. and Mrs. James Crinieri
Andrew N. Crocco ‘03
Ms. Michele R. Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Cruz
The Cuddy Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cunningham
The Curtis Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Cusumano
Thomas Dalleo Jr. ‘01
Drew Daly ‘63
Mr. and Mrs. James Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. D’Angelo ‘79
Maureen Gilligan Darcy ‘64 & John J. Darcy ‘63
Ms. Paulette S. Davis
Thomas P. Davis ‘63
Mr. Brian Day ‘02
Dr. and Mrs. David M. DeBellis
Mr. George F. Decker, Jr.
Mr. Gerard DeFiglio ‘63
Dana L. Delaware ‘69
Joseph A. DeSa ‘93
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeSantis
Dr. Mary E. Dery
Beth Sewing Dexter ‘84 and William E. Dexter, Jr.
M. Carole Modica DiBerto ‘62 and Frederick DiBerto
Connie and Hank DiMarco ‘70
Mary and Robert A. DiMarco ‘76
Jacqueline DiMarzo ‘83 and Dean DiMarzo
Mr. and Mrs. Brian N. Dimisko
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeVenuto
Robert and Jane Di Nezza
Ann C. Dombroski ‘76
The Donnelly Family/Mrs. Lynn Knapp Donnelly ‘75
Peter M. Donnelly ‘62
Karen Beahan Doster ‘78 and Thomas Doster
Mrs. Kathleen B. Birmingham Downie ‘86
Monica and Timothy Doyle
Carlton D’Souza
Dunleavy Title Abstractors, Inc.
Sheryl A. Dulske ‘63
Dutchess Orthodontic Services PC
Dyson Foundation
C. William Ecker Jr. ‘63
Mr. Michael H. Eidel ‘67
Joy and Timothy Elwell ‘79
Ms. Toni M. Emery ‘64
Mr. Jonathan T. Engel, Esq. ‘02
Mrs. Monica Hetzel Estabrooke ‘62
Mr. and Mrs. David Estremera
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Farley
Mary Farrell ‘73
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fasone
Mr. Joseph F. Fautz ‘69
Kristy Santoianni Ferrante ‘98
The Ferreri Family
Ruth Burke Ferreri ‘62
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. John J. Fildes ‘73
The Fioriti Family
Mr. and Mrs. Brady G. Fister ‘69
Brian T. Fitzgerald ‘90 and Stephanie Fitzgerald
Robert Fitzpatrick ‘72
The Flaherty Family
Helen Steller Foehrenbach ‘63
Eileen Farrell Fontanella ‘63
The Honorable Peter M. Forman ‘73 and Mrs. Anne Forman
Mr. Thomas T. Forman ‘75
Charles Forte,D.D.S. ‘74
Roger and Louise Foucek
Thomas and Theresa Fox
Elaine Sekelsky Foynes ‘63
Cynthia and John Fratto
Anita Torsone Freer ‘63
Tricia L. Freer ‘72 and Harrison C. Freer ‘72
Friends of Joan Pagones
Ms. Lucy A. Funiciello ‘86
Mr. Joseph F. Furlong III ‘66
Mr. Robert J. Furlong Jr. ‘70
Sharon Gaffney ‘88
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Gallagher
Joe Galletta ‘78
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gartland ‘74
Gartner Matching Gift Center
Krystyna Gawek
Ellen T. Dort Gaynor ‘63
Marian Murray Gaynor ‘98 and Christopher Gaynor ‘98
Mr. Alex Gent ‘05
Ms. Darelle Gent
Mr. Nicholas Gent ‘09
Lawrence F. Geuss ‘63
Bob Girard ‘63
Craig S. Gioia
Robert M. Giordano ‘66
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Goebelbecker
Edward and Leasa Goetchius
Goldman Sachs
Mr. Anthony G. Gorey ‘80
Nancy Maggiacomo Granda ‘69

Joan M. Halter ‘63
Judith Robillard Hamilton ‘63
Mr. Joseph Havens
Judith Henderson ‘62 and Gary H. Henderson Ph.D ‘63
Mr. Daniel G. Hickey ‘62
Mr. Joseph P. Hines ‘62
Carol DiBerto Holland ‘63
Wayne Howell PhD ‘77
Mr. and Mrs. C. Deforest Howland
Rebecca and Kirk Imperati
Jean Jabbour ‘91
James J. McCann Charitable Trust
Jeannette F. Schlobach Charitable Residuary Trust:  Mark V. Dennis, CPA - Trustee
Mrs. Carol A. Jennings ‘63
Henry and Barbara Jodry
Nicholas J. Johannets ‘75
Marie DeFrance Jordan ‘62
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Junjulas, Jr.
Charles and Ann Marie Junjulas
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Keenan ‘84
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Kelleher
The Keller Family
Mrs. Audrey Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Keller
Mr. Brian R. Kelly ‘62
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kelly ‘62
Dr. and Mrs. John Kelly
Eileen A. Kerins ‘63
Key Interiors LLC
Christopher J. Kerrs ‘92
Cheol Ho Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kimutis
Mr. Timothy E. Kirby ‘65 and Patricia Farrell Kirby ‘65
Mr. and Mrs.Joseph T. Kirchhoff
Mr. Kyle Kirchhoff ‘05
Mr. Troy Kirchhoff ‘08
Christine and Richard Kolosky
Ms. Sarah E. Kolosky ‘09
Mr. Kam Tai Kong
Joan Cackowski Korducki ‘69 and Lawrence Korducki
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kozlark
Kraft Foods Foundation
Mary Jo Kraus ‘77
Christine Mullen Kreamer ‘70
Ms. Greta Kreuz ‘75
Emily Krieger ‘03, Laura Krieger ‘06 and Michael Krieger ‘11
Julie Havens Krieger ‘75 and Michael Krieger ‘75
Reverend John M. Lagiovane
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lagiovane
Mrs. Kelly J. Harris Lane ‘84
Kathryn Laramee
Matthew Latino ‘03
Margaret ‘74 and John Latino ‘73
Kevin M. Lavery ‘75
Donna M. Lavigne ‘64 and Thomas Lavigne
LCS Facility Group, Inc.
Mrs. Marie Learner ‘76
Christina Lee ‘83
Mr. and Mrs. Claus Leitmann
Joseph Lepore
Antoinette Leone Levatino ‘63
Mr. Ronald R. Levine II ‘79
Mr. Michael T. Lewis ‘71
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lindros
The Loehr Family
Jennifer and Charles Loprinzo
Louis Greenspan Charitable Trust
Ms. Ana M. Luciano
Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Lyons ‘69
John and Ann Lyons
Reverend Michael P. Lyons ‘84
Mrs. Susan Masciale - Lynch ‘84
Scott ‘87 and Jo Lysko
The Mack Family
Maureen ‘66 and John Mack III
Bernadette and John Mack IV ‘89
Tracy Cass MacKenzie ‘92
Paulette ‘73, Jim and Jeffrey ‘09 Maggiacomo
Mr. and Mrs. James Maher
Judi and Ed Maher
Charles Michael ‘66 and Cynthia Malet
Mr. Thomas M. Malone ‘70
Manchester Communications
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mangini
Mary and Joseph J. Mantaro
Ms. Kathleen B. Mantaro
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mantaro
James L. Maples ‘05
M. Claire Holley Markarian ‘68
Mastercard Worldwide
Mary McKiernan Marshall ‘65 and Craig Marshall & family
Dr. Amelia M. Martinko ‘63
Danielle Giametta Marxer ‘94 and James Scott Marxer ‘90
MasterCard International
Mr. Richard T. Matthews ‘67
Susan McEntee and Brendan J. McEntee ‘63
Mr. Paul J. McGann ‘86
McGillicuddy’s Tap House
Dr. James G. McGuirk ‘73 and Mrs. Mary E.McGuirk ‘73
McHoul Funeral Home Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard McHugh and family
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McKeown
Mr. Matthew C. McLaughlin ‘02
Mr. Michael R. McLaughlin ‘02
Reverend Brian E. McWeeney D.Min (Prin)
Deacon Anthony C. Meier
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meier
The Merryman Family
Nancy and George Metz
Ms. Aimee Meyer ‘01
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Meyer, Ph.D.
Mark and Patti Moran Mikolas ‘63
Millbrook Tribute Garden,Inc.
Brenda Forte Miller ‘74 and Vincent Miller ‘76
Michael ‘70 and Diane Miller
Beatrice and Stephen Moffett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Monahan ‘76
Mr. Patrick F. Moore, Esq. ‘72
Mr. Frank M. Mora ‘88
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Morales
Anne Poluzzi Moran ‘63
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moran
Teresa Morgan ‘76 and James Morgan ‘76
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moschetti
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers
Mrs. Colleen M. Nappi ‘90
Mr. James E. Nelson, Jr. ‘05
Mr. and Mrs. Innoh N. Ngbodi
John and Debbie Nichols
Oasis Restaurant Corp.
Sandra O’Connell ‘65 and M. John O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. James J. O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. O’Connor
Denise ‘83 and Patrick E. O’Donoghue
Miss Gabrielle O’Donoghue ‘13
The O’Rourke Family
Lorraine Ossolinski
Our Lady of Lourdes Fund Inc.
Our Lady of Lourdes High School Parent Organization
OLL Student Danceathon 2011
Our Lady of Lourdes High School Warrior Club
Steven and Theresa Page
Joan A. Pagones ‘65
Reverend Michael L. Palazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Rommel Pampolina
Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Papineau
Kyleen Parajon ‘07
Mr. Robert Parajon ‘09
Dr. Robert ‘80 and Mrs. Laureen Parajon
Meghan Passineau ‘03
PC Properties, LLC
Daniel Pearson ‘02
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pendergast
Pennacchia Family
Pepsi Cola of the Hudson Valley
Pepsico Foundation
Mr. Ronald J. Piccone ‘86
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pisanelli
Marlene Miller Pociask ‘62 and Victor Pociask
The Pontez Family
Mrs. Stephanie Porcelli-Clarke
The Porco Family and Villa Borghese Caterers
Brenda and Brad Porter
Kathleen and Edward Posivak
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Potthast
Mrs. Judith M. Power ‘63
Barbara Brosang Powers ‘63
Mr. William Proal ‘65
Carole Anne and Anthony Quaid
John D. Quinn ‘90
Jacqueline Ragone
Maureen and Robert J. Ranieri Jr. ‘87
Ms. Rubyann Raizman
Mr. Allan Rappleyea ‘84 and Mrs. Kirsten Rappleyea
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Reed
Carol Regan ‘65 and James R. Regan ‘65
Elaine and Robert F. Reisner ‘66
Thomas W. Rinaldi ‘69
Ms. Frances L. K. Ringdahl
David Ringwood ‘76
Mr. Eugene A. Riordan III ‘69
Mr. James F. Rittinger ‘64
Steve and Peggie Rockafellow
Ms. Rosemarie J. Romanelli ‘63
The Ropes Families
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ropes
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Ropes
Mr. and Mrs. Aramis R. Rosa
The Russo Family
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Saccente
Saffioti and Anderson
Joseph and Kim Saffioti
Bruce and Elizabeth Safford
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sala
lda Salomone
Robert R. Santos ‘64
Jill and Anthony Savino
Ernest J. Scalpi ‘63
Mr. Andrew C. Scecina ‘67
Mr. Michael J. Schultz ‘67
Schwab Charitable Fund
Scitor Corporation
Senior Basketball Project 2003
Cheryl A. Shattie ‘72 and Joseph Shattie
Charlie Shaw
Nathan A. Shook ‘98 and Julie T. Shook ‘98
Jerome and Carol Simonetty
Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt, NY
Frank Spingler ‘63
St. Mary’s, Mother of the Church - Fishkill
Debbie and John Stanco
Jeannette and Stephen J. Starzyk
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Nancy Orlano Streetman ‘73
Theresa and Paul Supple ‘80
T & D Auto Service, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry O. Tice
Ms. Megan Tice
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Torraca
Mr. Alfred Torreggiani
Johnna G. Torsone ‘68
Michael Torsone Memorial Funeral Home Inc.
Col. Peter B. Trainer ‘78
Paula and John Tullo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Ungar
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Urbanak ‘63
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Vaczi
Joseph A. Valastro ‘63
Kathy and Roberto Valoy Jr
Schuyler ‘08, Troy ‘10 and Brett ‘14 VanBuren
Mr. Brett VanBuren
Ms. Balbina Vazquez
Verizon Foundation
John Vetrero
Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Viani
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Viani
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Viggiano
Ms. Ann M. Viglotti ‘73
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wadzuk
David Walker and Margaret Coughlin
Dena Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Walminski
Nancy and Raymond Watroba, Jr.
    Matthew Watroba ‘06
    Jonathan Watroba ‘09
    Katie Watroba ‘13
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wegescheide
Michael P. Wehner ‘70
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Rob Wells and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Wenzel
Miss Mary E. Westermann ‘70
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Westhoff
David Wetzel ‘88
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Whalen
Bonnie ‘85 and John Wiegard
Mr. Jacob Wiegard ‘13
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wiley
Gregory and Susanna Williamson
Mrs. Susan Willis ‘82
Mrs. Holly Winger ‘71
Mr. Leonard F. Winter ‘69
Rosanne S. Wolfe
Sr. Anne Daniel Young, OP
Deborah and Gregory Zale