Mrs. Rita Ross

Department: Fine Arts

Mrs. Rita Ross is the coordinator of the Fine Arts Department at OLL. She teaches Advanced Placement Art, Art I, Art II, and Screen Printing.  Mrs. Ross studied at the New York Studio School and received her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale University where she studied with Andrew Forge, William Bailey and James DeMartino.  Mrs. Ross began teaching at New Haven University and earned her teaching certification K-12 for art education at SUNY New Paltz.  Mrs. Ross is a teacher as well as a practicing artist and brings a thorough foundation in representational drawing and painting technique to her teaching.  She lives with her family in Clintondale and shows her work regionally.

AP Art-Ross

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Health Related Components of Fitness - Article

Art II- Mrs. Ross

December 2014, Art II

Reading: Themes and Foundations (textbook) :
1. pg. 130 - 138 Assembling the History of Art
2. DVD: The Face of Jesus in Art\
3. Scholastic Art Magazine: Medieval Art, Working with Line
4. Wikipedia: Mosaic pgs. 1-20

Studio Project: Mosaic painting
Students will begin with a paint mixing exercise in order to understand the tonal range necessary for the project. Students will choose an image of Jesus, Mary or one of the Apostles from a famous mosaic in Ravena. They will enlarge the image using the grid technique creating a drawing with pencil. Students will create the illusion of a mosaic by applying paint in square shaped marks of paint. 

Essencial Questions:
    1.  What was the purpose of large scale art such as mosaics in art history.
    2.  Why did the Medieval artists choose to work with tiles?
    3.  Compare ancient Roman and Christian mosaic art.

Art I- Mrs. Ross

December 2014 - Art I

Studio Project: Letter design inspired by Celtic illuminated manuscripts. Students will begin by practicing the ancient Uncial style alphabet with special attention to the thick and thin elements of the letters. They will also draw Celtic knot designs with the excellent on-line instruction of David Nichols. Finally they will design a large initial letter incorporating at least one Celtic design element. 

Reading: Themes and Foundations in Art, pgs. 434-444, The Middle Ages in Europe
          Scholastic Arts Magazine, Medieval Art / Working With Line


Scrn Print-Mrs. Ross

October 2014, Screen Printing

1. Book Project:  Continue developing the “My Life So Far” book project.  It should demonstrate various dying and screen printing processes. This is a semester long project and will count as a major portion of the midterm grade.
2. My Hero T- Shirt Project.  Students create screen images from favorite photographs of themselves, friends or celebrities.





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