Mrs. Rita Ross

Department: Fine Arts

Mrs. Rita Ross is the coordinator of the Fine Arts Department at OLL. She teaches Advanced Placement Art, Art I, Art II, and Screen Printing.  Mrs. Ross studied at the New York Studio School and received her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale University where she studied with Andrew Forge, William Bailey and James DeMartino.  Mrs. Ross began teaching at New Haven University and earned her teaching certification K-12 for art education at SUNY New Paltz.  Mrs. Ross is a teacher as well as a practicing artist and brings a thorough foundation in representational drawing and painting technique to her teaching.  She lives with her family in Clintondale and shows her work regionally.

AP Art-Ross

Health Related Components of Fitness - Article

Health Related Components of Fitness - Article

Art II- Mrs. Ross

March 2015, Art II

Perspective and Optical Art: Students will create a drawing using the letters of their names that combine the rules of one point perspective and the dynamics of color that is seen in Optical Art.
Students will explore color mixing, color transitions, the illusion of transparency and the juxtaposition of color that, when combined with that illusion of deep space of perspective produces dynamic optical effects.

Art I- Mrs. Ross

March 2015 - Art I

Studio Project: Students will create a “tapestry” made from papers in their backpacks, old art projects, wrappers and packaging from foods that they eat and any other items that provide visual evidence of their daily lives and activities. This project is inspired by the work of contemporary African artist El Anatsui who creates enormous wall size sheets made out of discarded stuff in his environment such as bottle caps, aluminum cans and wax cartons. His artwork is a commentary on the nature of art materials, beauty and global consumerism. Students will begin by watching an excellent DVD on the artist. They will write about the narrative inherent in this work.


Scrn Print-Mrs. Ross

March 2015, Screen Printing

Book Project:  Students explore tie dying and batik to create the cover for the book. This is a semester long project and will count as a major portion of the final grade. Students should include interests, accomplishments, and important names and dates. Students will photograph themselves and each other on cell phones and include images in their books.





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